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JARDIN SONORE Festival, Vitrolles

Festival JARDIN SONORE 📍Domaine de Fontblanche, Vitrolles

▪️ iDzia setup : sound, light

The JARDIN SONORE festival, to be held from July 22 to 23 in Vitrolles, is set to offer a high quality musical program, promising to provide the public with moments of relaxation right in the heart of the Domaine de Fontblanche.

The JARDIN SONORE festival, a newcomer to the summer music events scene, proudly announces a promising first edition with a variety of musical styles, from rock to folk to electro. In all, 10 concerts will be presented to the public over the course of the festival's two evenings. The first evening, on Sunday, is entirely free, while the second will feature both new talent and headliners on Monday.


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