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Sale and integration

We offer for sale our quality video, lighting, sound or structure equipment manufactured by the biggest brands in the sector. Contact us to express your project, we will know how to answer your needs. 

Thanks to the integration of equipment with refined lines, we dress up places and events with sounds and images with elegance and discretion. We intervene with specific solutions, adapted to your expectations: museography, entertainment, corporate, commercial, hotel or residential. Each project offers state-of-the-art technologies, easy to use, perfectly integrated with a specific approach to architecture, aesthetics and acoustics.

d&b audiotechnik: Sales & Rental partner

Since 2019, iDzia is approved by d&b audiotechnik as official partner for rental, sale and repairs of all your equipment. We offer a wide range of quality sound equipment that you can rent or buy. You can also contact us for all the after-sales service you might need on your d&b audiotechnik equipment, even if you bought it elsewhere.


Two principles are founding at d&b: Democracy for Listeners, AndSystem Reality

Democracy for Listeners is a state characterized by equal rights, or in a listening situation, where each member of the audience can hear the performance as it is intended. Directivity control - or placing the sound only where it needs to be - enables this success. This process has another important effect - it also avoids placing the sound where it shouldn't be.

The principle of System Reality is a support services and support network around each d&b audiotechnik project and its partners, such as iDzia. Each innovation is a collective step towards an easier daily life, and the assurance of a job well done.

d&b Soundscape : sound as you feel it

d&b Soundscape offers unparalleled creativity with its two software modules En-Scene et En-Space.
One allows the positioning and movement of 64 sound objects and the other can simulate and modify the reverb signature of any site. Diversity of uses therefore, but the same creative ambition: to consider listening, seeing and feeling as a whole, as an experience shrouded in voices, notes and sounds.


Fohhn: It's more than sound

Since 1993, Fohhn has been developing and producing innovative audio systems for professional use in Germany. An appealing product design as well as multiple customizing options such as special colors, even photo-realistic finishes and custom dimensions, allow for a perfect visual integration in your facility. 


The extensive range includes over 100 types of loudspeaker, versatile mounting accessories, system amplifiers in all performance classes, and software for simulation, control and tuning.


Discover 5 reasons why you would choose Fohhn

Fohhn: Beam steering

iDzia is equipped with the AIREA system. Everything included in one cable.

Fohhn Airea is an innovative digital audio network system and active speaker system in one. Its central interface is a matrix module with power supply for up to 16 Airea speakers

We also offer Beam Steering  technology from Fohn. Thanks to this controlled directivity process, we can direct the sound exactly where you want it. We master both the vertical opening of the sound and the angle of inclination. 


A catalog of brands

iDzia has a large catalog of audiovisual solutions to offer you, made up of the biggest brands in the sector. Find below a non-exhaustive list of the manufacturers with whom we collaborate.

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