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Bouchra Khalili : The Circle & The Tempest Society

📍Fondation Luma, Arles

▪️ iDzia setup : sound, light

"What remains to tell concealed stories when archives do not exist?" – Bouchra Khalili

Film and video take a central role, employed to craft in-depth narratives inspired by various historical moments. By incorporating fragments of oral histories, testimonials, texts, photographs, and moving images, Khalili invokes the past, revealing its connections to the present. The exhibition "The Circle & The Tempest Society" explores the Arab Workers' Movement (MTA) and its theater groups Al Assifa ("The Tempest" in Arabic) and Al Halaka ("The Circle," referring to the North African tradition of public storytelling), offering contemplation on belonging, collectivity, and subjectivity. It reflects on the position of the witness in the face of silenced history, highlighting the power of collective storytelling and cinematic montage to resurrect forgotten narratives. "The Circle" is co-produced and co-commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation, LUMA Foundation, and MACBA.


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