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Alex Israel, MAMO

Alex Israel 📍 MAMO, Marseille

▪️ iDzia Setup : Sound

From 08.06 to 31.08.2019 the summer exhibition at MAMO on the roof terrace of Marseille's Cité Radieuse, conceived by Californian artist Alex Israel, is inspired by Tim Burton's film "Batman", featuring an ephemeral Gotham City. Israel has reappropriated iconic Batman objects, such as the Batmobile and Bat-Signal, from the Warner Brothers Studio, transforming them into the centerpieces of an immersive installation. The exhibition, curated by Ora Ito with the support of RIMOWA and Galeries Lafayette, offers a unique visual and auditory experience blending contemporary art with Batman's iconic cinematic universe.

IDzia has added a sound installation to the artistic experience.


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