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Exposition " 504 ", MUCEM

504, Mohamed EL Khatib

📍 MUCEM, Marseille

▪️ iDzia setup : sound, light, video

Mohamed El Khatib is Mucem's guest artist for the 2023 season.

With his Renault 12 installation, he pays tribute to the thousands of North African families who, from the 70s to the 90s, criss-crossed France and Spain every summer by car, right up to the ferries that took them to the Maghreb, to the lands of their origins...

To bring this installation to life, Mohamed El Khatib created the performance 504.

Among the founding myths deeply linked to the Mediterranean, the return to Ithaca is a historical motif that is constantly replayed. Mohamed El Khatib invites us to reconsider the theme of the return to one's homeland as part of the Mediterranean's intangible heritage, aboard the legendary Peugeot 504.

A film, a theatrical happening and a concert will celebrate these mechanical and sentimental epics.


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