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  • The opening of Gallery 19M Marseille

    📍Mucem, Marseille ▪️iDzia setup : light Dive into the captivating universe of Marseille art at la galerie 19M_marseille, an extension of the Cruise 2024/25 fashion show by Chanel ! The 19M Gallery in Marseille is making its mark at the Mucem, where the artistry of Marseille's Métiers d’art and artistic scene converge and express themselves. It's a spotlight on local talents, whether they're artists, craftsmen, designers, associations, or creative spaces. From May 3rd to 26th, explore vibrant artworks, from ceramics to light installations, and participate in interactive workshops for an immersive artistic experience. En savoir plus

  • Salle noire : avant de voir le jour, Musée du vieux Nimes

    Jeanne Vicerial & Pierre Soulages 📍Musée du vieux Nimes, Nimes ▪️ iDzia setup : light Dive into a captivating artistic experience at the Musée du Vieux Nîmes! Jeanne Vicerial and Pierre Soulages come together in a posthumous dialogue, exploring the infinite possibilities of black and light. The installation created by Vicerial and her team, in collaboration with students from the Ernest Hemingway High School in Nîmes, takes you on a journey of rebirth and metamorphosis. Find out more

  • "The Venice Biennale: Attila Cataract, Julien CREUZET"

    📍French Pavilion, Venice ▪️ iDzia setup : Video, light Discover this week the exhibition by Julien Creuzet, located in the French Pavilion for the occasion of the 2024 Venice Biennale! We are delighted to be a partner in this project and to have realized the audiovisual installation. For this 60th International Art Exhibition, the artist invites visitors to explore a space where fluids intersect, creating a personal and collective imaginary populated by divine presences and resonating with the city of Venice through its waters. The Pavilion will open to the public on April 20t

  • Rachel Rose : The Last Day, LUMA ARLES

    📍Fondation Luma, Arles ▪️ iDzia setup : sound, video "The film aims to trace the epic journey of the Earth through the toys in a child's room," Rachel Rose. The exhibition showcases choppy cinematic images and a unique chromatic quality, all captured in Rachel Rose's children's room. These images reveal the imperceptible intricacies of the medium, featuring toys and everyday objects that symbolize seven eras in Earth's history. The exhibition, organized by LUMA Arles & Google, delves into the development of human imagination throughout the history of the Earth's landscape.

  • Birthday at the Carrières de Lumières

    📍Carrière des lumières, Les Baux-de-Provence ▪️ iDzia setup : le son, la lumière We are very pleased to have kicked off our 2024 season at the Carrieres des lumieres with an exceptional private event. On Saturday, March 30th, we had the privilege of welcoming Jacob Collier, a complete and unique artist, to this increasingly immersive venue.

  • WIM Festival 2024

    📍 Espace Agora, Maussane ▪️ iDzia setup : Light, Sound, Structure For the unforgettable inaugural edition of WIMFEST 2024 in Moussane, the festival welcomed Silly Boy Blue, a rising star of French pop-rock, and the Lowland Brothers, masters of blues soul Americana, who unveiled their latest creations in a special preview for the audience. Jo and the Cox kicked off the festival with their groove-infused sounds, setting the tone for an evening of musical magic. A heartfelt thank you to the entire WIMFEST team for placing their trust in us.

  • 10 years of High Art gallery

    10 years of High Art gallery 📍 High Art gallery , Arles Arena ▪️ iDzia Setuo : light Lighting up the Arles amphitheatre to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the High Art gallery.

  • Matt Copson Installation , High Art gallery

    Matt Copson Installation 📍High Art gallery , Arles ▪️ iDzia setup : light The High Art gallery presents an installation by Matt Copson at the Chapelle de la Madeleine from Oct. 20 to Dec. 2, 2023.

  • Hans-Ulrich Obrist Archive - Chapter 3: Agnès VardaA day without seeing a tree is a waste of a day

    📍 Luma Fondation, Arles ▪️ iDzia setup : Sound, Light and Video "A day without seeing a tree is a wasted day." - Agnès Varda In the third chapter of Hans-Ulrich Obrist's archive, there's a story about meeting Agnès Varda (1928-2019). She was a filmmaker, feminist, and pioneer artist who played a big role in the French New Wave film movement of the 1950s and 1960s. This exhibition shows how Obrist introduced Varda to the world of art. In 2002, thanks to a meeting organised by Christian Boltanski and Annette Messager, Obrist finally got to meet and film Varda at her home. Varda and Obrist became friends through many interviews and projects, forming a strong artistic connection. In their last meeting on March 3, 2019, Varda invited her artist friends to be part of her final work, "Les Mains complices" (The Complicit Hands), a celebration of love. En savoir plus

  • Exposition " 504 ", MUCEM

    504, Mohamed EL Khatib 📍 MUCEM, Marseille ▪️ iDzia setup : sound, light, video Mohamed El Khatib is Mucem's guest artist for the 2023 season. With his Renault 12 installation, he pays tribute to the thousands of North African families who, from the 70s to the 90s, criss-crossed France and Spain every summer by car, right up to the ferries that took them to the Maghreb, to the lands of their origins... To bring this installation to life, Mohamed El Khatib created the performance 504. Among the founding myths deeply linked to the Mediterranean, the return to Ithaca is a historical motif that is constantly replayed. Mohamed El Khatib invites us to reconsider the theme of the return to one's homeland as part of the Mediterranean's intangible heritage, aboard the legendary Peugeot 504. A film, a theatrical happening and a concert will celebrate these mechanical and sentimental epics. Find out more

  • Demain, c’est loin !

    Demain, c’est loin, Theatre d'Arles 📍 The Roman Theatre, Arles ▪️iDzia setup : sound With 25 dancers aged 10 to 22 For 30 years, Josette Baïz has been propelling children and teenagers into the dance ring. In three contemporary pieces, she makes a plea for youth. Following in the footsteps of Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin, young people ask themselves how they can rebuild the future in an altered universe. Here, astonishing geometric figures emerge from the bodies. With Room With a View, (LA)HORDE transmits the most dynamic extracts from this vibrant creation to a generation going through climatic and societal upheavals. Like a thread stretching between the works, Josette Baïz reprises 25e Parallèle, the winning piece from the 1982 Concours de Bagnolet. The fury of dancing crosses generations. Find out more

  • Konstantin Grcic : Open Space, Luma Foundation

    Konstantin Grcic : Open Space 📍 Luma Foundation , Arles ▪️iDzia setup : Sound This unique space for multipurpose usage, devised as an extension of the street, was designed by German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, renowned for his radical and minimalist interpretations of everyday objects. The two floors - 8th is an interior space and 9th is leading to the Viewing Terrace - are conceptually connected and the design follows seamlessly between the two. Grcic has created a theatrical space, using metal curtains and special lights to subdivide areas. Reflecting on a street-like concept, the designer has created spaces that are raw but hospitable with a sensitivity to the industrial nature of the building and its metal surfaces. The two floors benefit of the most commanding views extending towards the Camargue and the Alpilles, taking in the entire city of Arles, and offering perspectives never seen before of the historical city, the surrounding nature, and the landscape. We intervened to install a Fohhn Texture Design sound system that integrates perfectly with the 8th floor of LUMA. Find out more

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