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STURTEVANT, "The Impermanent Display II"

STURTEVANT, dans The Impermanent Display II (Maja HOFFMAN collection)

📍The Tower - Main Gallery, Luma Foundation, Arles

▪️ iDzia installation : soft egde of 4 projections, stereo sound (with @focalofficial et @epsonfrance)

The Impermanent Display II is the second in a series of exhibitions based on the Maja Hoffmann / LUMA Foundation collection. It presents a series of works that focus on invisible parts of the world, including representations of natural environments and animal species. Innovative artists such as Joan Jonas and Sturtevant also participate in the exhibition, with pioneering works using drawing, performance and video installation. Addressing complex questions about the human relationship to the environment and extinction, as well as bold perspectives on processes without beginning or end, their works are imbued with the power of symbolism and the signifying power of fantastic and mythical creatures.

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From April, 14th, 2022 // @luma_arles


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