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Gary HILL, "Circular Breathing"

Gary HILL, Circular Breathing

📍East Gallery - The Tower, Luma Foundation, Arles

▪️ iDzia installation : Stereo sound, 2 Genelec Smart Active Monitor speakers / ERCO lighting

In Circular Breathing, a sense of unsettling intrigue coalesces and dissipates through a series of successive scenes. Images of the streets of Tangier, a ship on the high seas and the interior of a mosque are juxtaposed with those of a man chopping wood and a cigarette slowly burning in an ashtray. An elderly woman reading and large, thick hands loading a gun are revealed alongside blades of grass and a close-up of an insect dragging its prey. Throughout these segments, the hands of a woman at the piano reappear. The music, though distorted by the speed changes, can be identified as Erik Satie's Vexations.

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From September 23, 2022 to March 05, 2023


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