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MoPA, Films projection - 2023

Screening of MoPA student films

📍 Antique Theater, Arles

▪️ iDzia installation : Sound

This event, organized every year by the MoPA animation film school, is one of the highlights of the year. It brings together in a prestigious setting both the MoPA community (students, lecturers, families, etc.) and the people of Arles, who look forward to it with great anticipation. During the evening, films from all the years of training were screened, with a special moment dedicated to the graduation films. The audience discovered the 5 films of the class of 2020 (Dear Forest, Carried Away, Les Chaussures de Louis, Beyond the trees, Feeling Blue) as well as the 3 films of the class of 2021!

For the students, seeing their work screened this Saturday, June 24 is an incredible and moving moment. It's an opportunity for them to share their productions with the general public, and to demonstrate their progress throughout their course.

Bravo to them for these magnificent films!


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