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Plan B, Marseille 📍 Mucem, Marseille

▪️ iDzia setup : Sound, light

Shows, cinema and open-air surprises in the magical setting of Fort Saint-Jean...

Plan B is back!

From Monday August 2 to Sunday August 8, 2019, the Mucem returns to its summer quarters at Fort Saint-Jean.

On the program: open-air cinema evenings (with Ciné Plein-Air Marseille) preceded by an astonishing concert of your own making, a pop music show (GONG! by the group Catastrophe) and concerts (with Mirélo).

This year, Plan B also features a series of small, convivial artistic events to be discovered throughout the week. Shows, workshops and surprises in the cool of the Commande courtyard.

Plan B is a whole week to get together at the Mucem!


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