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Anri SALA, "If and Only If"

Anri SALA, If and Only If

📍The Tower, Luma Foundation, Arles

▪️ Installation iDzia : video projection cinemascope, sound

If and Only If (2018), based on Igor Stravinsky's Elegy for Solo Viola, charts a journey, which becomes an integral part of his musical composition. A snail, gradually travels the entire length of a viola bow, moving innocently on it, but painstakingly disrupting the exquisite balance on which the maestro's playing instinctively rests. This traversal emulates a hidden dialogue between two voices that is subtly implied at the heart of the composition. Although the work is played as a monologue, it is in this allusion to dialogue in the form of the sound of two strings that Sala renders Stravinsky's Elegy as a tactile interaction between the celebrated violist Gérard Caussé and a garden snail.

From June, 26, 2021 to May, 01st, 2022


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