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Derek JARMAN, "Portraits dans le temps"

Derek JARMAN, Portrait dans le temps

📍Galerie des archives - The Tower, Luma Foundation, Arles

▪️ Installation iDzia : the video-projection, the sound

Derek Jarman, painter, gardener, writer and filmmaker, first picked up a Super 8 camera in the early 1970s. Over the next seven years he produced a vast body of work that he filmed and edited. His Super 8 work can be divided into three distinct periods: the first relates directly to his paintings of the time, the second uses costume figures and multiple layers of images, while the third, in many ways the most masterful, is a series of portraits of friends and lovers intimately captured by his handheld camera. He used a combination of a slow shutter speed, a slightly wide-angle lens, and (minimal) in-camera editing to capture the course of the moment.

From June, 26, 2021 to May, 01st, 2022


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