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"La Face cachée de l’Archive", Luma Arles

Views of La Face cachée de l’Archive, exhibition from archives of Parkett and Sigmar POLKE

📍The Tower, Galerie des archives, Luma Foundation, Arles

▪️ Installation iDzia : screens and video-projection

Parkett was a contemporary art periodical published between 1984 and 2017 in Zurich and New York. It was a bilingual publication in German and English. Its one hundred and one issues, accompanied by two hundred and seventy artist collaborations, demonstrate an intimate commitment to artistic communities and are a living manifesto for the art of our time. The adventure lasted thirty-three years, a period of expansion for the art world during which the diverse trajectories of artistic traditions, lifestyles and discourses were able to dialogue.

Sigmar POLKE has been a close friend of Parkett and its designers from the beginning. He was already present at the launch of the first issue and documented the event with his 16mm camera.

From June, 26, 2021 to May, 01st, 2022


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