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Demain, c’est loin !

Demain, c’est loin, Theatre d'Arles 📍 The Roman Theatre, Arles

▪️iDzia setup : sound

With 25 dancers aged 10 to 22

For 30 years, Josette Baïz has been propelling children and teenagers into the dance ring. In three contemporary pieces, she makes a plea for youth. Following in the footsteps of Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin, young people ask themselves how they can rebuild the future in an altered universe. Here, astonishing geometric figures emerge from the bodies. With Room With a View, (LA)HORDE transmits the most dynamic extracts from this vibrant creation to a generation going through climatic and societal upheavals. Like a thread stretching between the works, Josette Baïz reprises 25e Parallèle, the winning piece from the 1982 Concours de Bagnolet. The fury of dancing crosses generations.


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